Parquee® Digital Ad Network


• A total of Nine (9) Parquees target Las Vegas locals and visitors with cutting edge digital media technology

–4 freeway Parquees (14’ x 48’)
–5 locals/neighborhood targeted Parquees (8’ x 18’)
• Iconic  “Welcome to Las Vegas” design garners extra attention in a city saturated by traditional billboards and out-of-home media
–8 second static spots
–64 second loop
–24 hours per day
• Several purchase options for advertisers
–Network Domination Spot
•7 spots on all 9 Parquees all the time
–The Parqed Spot
•Your ad on 9 Parquees simultaneously for 8-seconds every 64 seconds
–The Parq Hopper
•Your 8-second ad hops from one Parquee (9 total) to the next every 72 seconds
–Cherry-picked freeway or surface street signs

Click here to download the Parquee Media Kit!