Elite Media Featured in Specialty Fabrics Review Magazine

Elite Media‘s SVP of Sales and Marketing, Jen Grant, was interviewed for Specialty Fabrics Review Magazine regarding building wraps enhancing the urban landscape. Here’s a snip-it – read the full article here.

A multifaceted building wrap produced by Elite Media for BMW in Las Vegas uses a combination of pressure-sensitive vinyl, perforated window film and mesh. Pictured here is the south wall, covered in 3M PSV. Photo: Elite Media

Large-scale graphics, such as building wraps, dress up the urban landscape while often serving as a brand-awareness tool. “We’ve covered over some very dated hotels over the years,” says Jennifer Grant, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Elite Media Inc. in Las Vegas, Nev. “It’s almost like we gave them a fresh coat of paint.”

It’s difficult to stand out in visually busy urban environments like Las Vegas, but Elite Media did just that for BMW during CES 2015, the world’s largest consumer electronics show attended by 170,000 industry professionals. A multicomponent building wrap transformed the facade of the Renaissance Las Vegas Hotel.

Although they make a stunning statement for passersby, companies that produce building wraps and murals must take a comprehensive approach in creating a more pleasant urban environment. For the BMW job, Elite Media used a variety of fabrics “based on several factors such as visibility through windows for hotel guests, wind gusts through the parking structure and the facade of the south wall, so as not to damage the building,” Grant says.

The graphic used on the massive wall of the hotel started with 3M pressure-sensitive vinyl (PSV) to cover the hotel in a “backer” and create a solid color canvas. “Then we overlay the printed BMW ad over the top of the backer, and that is printed on Clear Focus perforated window film,” Grant explains. The PSV also was used for the south wall, while Clear Focus covered the front curved glass of the hotel. Mesh was the fabric of choice for the parking structure.

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