Introducing Elite Media’s Parquee® Digital Network in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – Local outdoor advertising company, Elite Media, Inc has formed an exclusive partnership with the City of Las Vegas to build and sell a brand new network of digital Parquee® media that will mirror the design from the iconic “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign. This new digital sign network will be a unique opportunity for local and national advertisers to develop targeted messages across the Las Vegas market.

According to Elite Media executives this Parquee® network will surpass the current advertising choices in the market by offering the highest available: brightness, image clarity, contrast, energy efficiency, durability, and serviceability. There will be nine neon embellished Parquee signs installed in high-impression locations throughout the City of Las Vegas. Four of the digital signs will be 14’x48’ to maximize visibility from the I-515 and I-95, major Las Vegas freeways. The other five 7’9”x18’2” digital signs will be located in the heart of Las Vegas along high-traffic surface streets. The areas in which the Parquees will be located are in areas with more than 34% Hispanic density and will provide advertisers a unique way to target Latino consumers.

“Our clients have seen the Parquee® renderings and they are ecstatic. The signs themselves are bold and eye-catching, and the locations we have arranged with our partner, the city of Las Vegas are premier”, said Chad McCullough president of Elite Media. “Now, we are offering our clients an even Bigger opportunity, with truly original ad inventory that can fit every media budget.”

“Our citizens will enjoy the original design by YESCO of the new Parquee.® It is going to be unique to the city of Las Vegas as it reminds people of the iconic “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign, that we all know and love,” said Carolyn G. Goodman, mayor of the city of Las Vegas. “We are excited about our partnership with Elite Media for the Parquee® program, and we look forward to the first Parquee® going up in the spring.” Elite Media’s selected vendor to build and install the Parquee® network is YESCO. YESCO has immense experience, having built and installed over 2,000 Digital Outdoor displays since 2002. All Parquee® signs and displays will be built in the U.S.A., which allows for quality control not possible when modules and displays are assembled overseas. Elite Media expects the project to be completed early spring 2014.

About Elite Media, Inc – Elite Media, Inc. is best known for its work in Las Vegas providing wallscapes, building wraps and digital out-of-home to national advertisers and convention exhibitors. These oversized advertisements surrounding the Las Vegas Convention Center, the largest convention center in the world, attract the attention of convention visitors from near and far and help boost branding awareness. Elite Media also provides wallscape, building wraps and taxi media in Phoenix, Arizona and digital media in San Diego, CA. Follow Elite Media, Inc on Twitter at or on Facebook at

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Artist rendering of the Parquee®

Parquee Ad_frontREV

Coverage Map

Parquee Network Map


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