Elite Media Acquires Digital & Static Media at San Diego / Mexico Border

Border Digital
Elite Media Border Digital Media

Elite Media has acquired the digital and static media advertising rights at Las Americas off I-5 freeway near the San Diego and Mexico border.

The Tower and Pedestrian Sign

The Tower, is 53-feet tall, multi-sided and consists of:

  • Two 14-foot by 24-foot 20mil LED boards — one east facing; one south facing
  • One 13.25-foot by 19-foot stat ic sign (front-lit) — west facing
  • Four 6-foot by 8-foot static (back-lit) signs — two east facing; two west facing

The Pedestrian Sign is 14-feet tall, single-sided and consists of:

  • One 6.25-foot by 12.25-foot 10mil LED board — north facing
Signage Opportunities
Signage Opportunities

Advertising on the Signs
The digital signs run in 10 minute advertising loops with 12-second ad spots available and run 19 hours per day (5 am to Midnight). The 3 digital screens are sold as a package, increasing your visibility by dominating the landscape on all 3 screens.

Frequent ad/copy changes can be accommodated to communicate your latest promotion(s). Elite Media can provide ad creation services as well for a “turn-key” experience. The signs are monitored 24-hours per day by webcam and Proof of Performance reports are available.

The top of the Pedestrian Sign is at only 14-feet, so this sign strongly relates to the heavy pedestrian and vehicle traffic at this location. This sign offers a unique advertising opportunity as full motion video is available.

The static signs are designed to capture both pedestrian and vehicle traffic moving from the freeway and border crossing to the tourist commercial district. These facings also have visibility to all traffic accessing the border crossing Transit Hub. The West facings target vehicle and pedestrian traffic moving from the tourist commercial district to the freeway and border crossing.

Don’t miss this incredible advertising opportunity! Contact us for a proposal.

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